There.  I said it.  I have made myself part of this culture and become a French person.  I can tell because I can pinpoint-and hate-the tourists that arrive by the millions everyday.

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Yes, I know that I am a week behind on this post. 

Well screw you.  I’m in Paris.  I’ve got better things to do than sit on my computer.

But anyways, a bit about Bastille, the holiday that celebrates France’s independence from…themselves?  I guess…

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Another week abroad.  For the first time I left the city and went on a short (extra emphasis on short) trip to London.

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I have literally spent the past two weeks drenched in men’s and couture fashion.  Even though I have a dinky point and shoot, and don’t dress in all black, I was able to sneak/talk/act my way into 6 shows.

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*Those who are under 20.

Let me be more specific.  I hate the Canadian kids who recently moved into our building here in France.  Because they are all in high school, they have absolutely no manners.  Examples:

They sit in the middle of the halls when you need to get through.

They walk around all night and early morning in their flip flops to annoy the shit out of you.

They are loud.

They are obnoxious.

And most of all…they clog the internet!

They have a bedtime/room check time.  So after 10:00 here, the internet goes so slow because they can’t leave.



Justin Bieber, get your ass over here and collect your friends.

So France lost last night.  What the fuck.  But the way Spain played, they deserved to win.  Especially the direct shot on goal at the end.

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So since my internet has been down for almost a week since I’ve arrived, I have learned to adapt to a world without internet.  And it is a very scary place.

That aside, I have a lot to share and not a lot of time or space so here goes nothing:

Arrived Sunday-checked in, wandered around our neighborhood.  It’s kinda ghetto until you walk a mile.

Monday-Orientation. Day started at 50 degrees and it was 70 by noon.  Learned to start wearing polos instead of shirts and sweaters.  Got phones.  Drank wine in front of the Louvre.  Got in trouble for drinking in front of the Louvre (supposedly there was a sign…)

Tuesday-Hung out around the Eiffel Tower.  Dinner.  More time around the Eiffel Tower.

Wednesday-Class meeting.  Did dinner after.  Explored Paris.

Thursday-Ran to store.  Ran home.  People came over to wait out the thunderstorms.  Did more exploring.  Ate a great dinner.

Friday-Helmut Newton exhibit in AM (LOTS of nudity) walked from the Eiffel Tower to this Irish Pub about 5 miles away (only got lost twice).  Watched the Greece Germany game there.

Saturday-3 Hour bike ride through the park, came back here.  Changed.  Now I’m going out to watch the France Euro Cup Game somewhere (they better win)


So I’m out now.

Will update more soon.